Contribution of Sri Aurobindo over Indian education system

Sri  Aurobindo was one of the popular nationalist politician at  the time of of Indian freedom movement. The famous split behind the moderates and extremists at the Nagpur session of Congress was actually due to the master plan of his. He was very famous among his followers even as a yogi and mystic. 

But the educational thesis of Sri Aurobindo till now not drawn the attention of common people due to his extreme command on language, frequent use of foreign languages & poetic flow of writing. His educational theory was mainly written in English which helps to sustain the mysticism surrounding.

His educational theory tried to introduce the new type of education combining the past glory of the east with the scientific discoveries of the west.

His integral education was mainly interpreted by the Mother  in five stages of human life – physical, vital. mental, physic and spiritual educations.

Tagorean and Gandhian educational theories even though hinted about the existence of spiritual education as men as of evoking the real man hidden within, but it is actually Sri Aurobindo’s c contribution to differentiate between last two types of educations.



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